Harmos-the human flag project  A Community Based Performance

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is the Greek root for harmony and is the act of bringing people, concepts and objects together
that have previously had a separate existence.

HARMOS engages Portland (Oregon) communities in the creation of a public expression of peace through ritual performance, movement, and art installations. Artists, peace and community organizations, schools and neighborhoods will join together in an artful process to celebrate our humanity.

HARMOS explores and values global themes of peace, surrender, reconciliation and compassionate action for the world, towards others and for our own lives. This event helps us remember and honor people whose lives changed from the destruction of war. The August gathering will be held during the memorial of the bombing of Hiroshima, Japan during World War II.

HARMOS creates a process for public engagement by involving individuals and organizations in workshops creating “flags of surrender” and personal symbols of peace, community outreach, and public education.

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August 4th 2007 at Unthank Park: photos update >

August 5th 2007 at Japanese American Historical Plaza Waterfront Park: photos update >

August 6th 2007 at Buckman School Field: photos update >

If you attended a HARMOS performance, please add your comments.  Tell us what your response was during and at the end.  Please share your personal feelings about how you connected with the performance.  Thank you for taking the time to respond, it will help us in our continued development of HARMOS. To respond, email us.


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